Our Services

We do fiber-based seat and back repairs as well as restoration of wicker and rattan furniture. To retain the authenticity and value of any piece, we can recommend appropriate materials for your project. Custom finishes to match to original patina or color are available on request.

Please note: We do not provide major wood repair or refinishing.

Here are some of the fiber options we can provide:

  • Bulrush – Also known as cattail (American English) or raupo (New Zealand).
  • Cattail – The twisted leaves of cattail plants. Also known as bulrush (American English) or raupo (New Zealand).
  • Danish Cording – Tightly wound brown paper which resembles rush. Comes in laced and unlaced varieties. Used mainly for Danish modern furniture by designers such as Hans J. Wegner.
  • Hand-Woven Cane – Cane strands woven through holes drilled in a wood frame. There are numerous sizes and patterns of weave in this caning category.
  • Modern Materials – Currently on the market are a wide variety of woven furniture pieces featuring plastic and synthetic materials. Though we cannot source these materials because they are often proprietary, we have developed methods by which to work around and utilize what is available in new and innovative ways.
  • Pressed Cane – Machine-woven panels of cane pressed into a groove around furniture item seat, back, or other panel. Pressed cane is held in place with a solid nearly spline.
  • Rattan – A tropical climbing palm that yields long, slender, tough splines.
  • Rawhide – Stiff untanned cattle skin
  • Rush – A roundish cord/string-like material woven in a variety of patterns and materials. A traditional ladder-back chair is a common example with the pattern forming lines that converge at the center of the seat area from the four leg corners.
  • Seagrass – Eel grass, tape grass or turtle grass that grows close to the sea shores in marine or estuarine waters.
  • Splint – Thin strips of wood
  • Twisted Paper Rush – Three-ply brown paper twisted to resemble natural fiber rush. Woven onto chairs whose seats are constructed of four rungs.
  • Wicker – Pliable twigs, branches, stems, and sometimes synthetic materials. Typically natural wicker comes from willow or osier.
  • Wheatgrass – Can be used as sun bleached and pale or fresh new stocks and green.
  • Wheat Wrapped Rush – Golden in hue and resembling wheat, wheat wrapped rush is actually a twisted seagrass wrapped in a thin naturally golden material.
  • Water Hyacinth – An invasive purple flowering seagrass that has been depleting nutrients in the estuaries of Nigeria and causing issues for fisherman has been curtailed to become a durable and useful weaving material. Learn more about Nigerian entrepreneurs here!